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Now comes with a full, secret CELESTIAL BODIES website for you to explore! Ticket is issued upon purchase! 

Celestial Bodies is an oracle deck unlike anything else on the market. It is an interactive astrology learning tool as well as a deep dive into the realm of numerology, and how they work in tandem. 

It is the only deck of its kind - fully integrating beautiful cosmic landscape artwork and in-depth astrology and numerology information in the hefty guidebook. 

The card artworks were intuitively created based upon Devany's connection with astrological energies, and the guidebook was a wonderful collaboration between Devany, Cristina Farella of Eighth House Astrology and Kaitlyn Kaerhart, numerologist.

In the 83 card decks and 370 page guidebook, all foundational aspects of astrology are covered (signs, houses, planets, moon phases, aspect + aspect patterns etc) as well as special sections on eclipse seasons, retrogrades, Saturn return and so much more! The numerology section gives you a full understanding on how to calculate your numbers, and what they all mean.

All buyers of Celestial Bodies Altar and / or Travel size are given a ticket to the secret CB website! We've been told the site has awesome early 2000's vibes, and is an even deeper dive into the world of astrology and numerology. There is a forum where the Celestial Bodies community can discuss the deck as well as ask questions of the CB creators!

The TRAVEL size of Celestial Bodies is 90mm x 115mm which is roughly the size of any regular tarot deck. The guidebook comes in a decorative two-piece lift box, and due to its thickness is divided into volumes I and II. The cards are edged in a beautiful rainbow holographic foil.

The ALTAR size of Celestial Bodies is 108x137mm which is larger than most oracle decks. Since this is not a "shuffle and draw" deck, the size of this version is great because you will have a more intimate relationship with the artworks and, as the title suggests, you may place the cards on your altar for meditations and spellwork. The guidebook comes in a decorative snap book box, and is not divided into two volumes. The cards are edged in a beautiful rainbow holographic foil. 



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