Devany Amber Wolfe is a fey, neurodivergent artist, writer, philosopher and animal lover. She founded SERPENTFIRE in 2011 after a long hiatus from the other forms of artwork she had been practicing for 10 years - self-taught classical / surreal painting and drawing. Finding the traditional art world to be too compromising and lacking integrity, she focused inwards and reconnected with her love of vintage sci-fi artwork and otherworldly landscapes that frequently made appearances in her dreams.

A new love of digital collage began then, allowing for dreamweaving unlike other mediums. Spending hundreds of hours making endless experiments in imagery, Devany found a stride in reaching back to the days when, as a child, she would do tarot readings for her stuffed animals and make grimoires. The two seeds of inspiration, sci-fi and magick, met in the form of what would later become SERPENTFIRE Tarot. In 2014 the first edition was released, followed by many more incarnations. In 2016 the sixth edition made a huge impression upon the world of tarot. 

This laid the groundwork for developing She Wolfe tarot in 2017. A casting call was extended to women of all ages, shapes and races to be a part of this tarot deck. Using photos the participants submitted, the body of work was amassed and released into the world that year. It has been one of the most sought-after and talked about tarot decks ever since. It is an ever-evolving project with more diversity and inclusivity being added each year.

Sigil Oracle followed: a compact yet extremely potent 22-card oracle deck featuring sigils (magick symbols) to help you manifest your greatest desires. It is Devany's personal favourite to use for readings as it really packs a punch.

Devany then set her sights on another love: astrology and numerology, creating Celestial Bodies Astrology and Numerology Oracle and Learning Tool with astrologer Cristina Farella and numerologist Kaitlyn Kaerhart. Utilizing Devany's intuitive relationship with the cosmic bodies, she created 84 cards expressing the energies of the zodiac signs, houses, planets, moon phases and so much more. It is the most comprehensive and useful astrology and numerology learning tool on the market. 

During the quiet, contemplative months of the pandemic, there seemed to be a need for something lighthearted, fresh and joyful. In secret, Devany began making what is now her newest release: I AM, an affirmation deck for babies and toddlers. While the artwork, thematically, is unlike anything she has tackled before, the message is the same: self-love. 

Many more projects are upcoming, including another oracle deck with fellow artist Mothertao. 

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Devany Amber Wolfe - Owner, CEO, Artist, Creator

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