Brown Morph Screech Owl

Brown Morph Screech Owl

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I'm very pleased to now be selling my father's mixed media wildlife / birds of prey paintings here on my shop! 

  • All paintings use a combination of traditional and digital techniques. The work begins with detailed drawings, in black or coloured graphite. Oil-painting washes are added before the image is scanned and completed with digital painting. All the prints on offer are somewhat smaller than the original works. 
  • Prices are for museum quality giclée prints on canvas with stretcher frames included. Prints on paper, and some smaller sizes are available upon request.
  • Shipped directly from printer.  For non-North American orders, prints cannot be shipped with stretcher frames. Please email to inquire. 

Painting description:

 The fierce looking Screech Owl is small (7-10”), and well camouflaged. There are three colour phases: grey, red, and the more uncommon intermediate brown. During the day, the birds seek out trees that ‘match’ their colour scheme, and so are hard to locate. They nest in tree hollows but will readily accept purpose-built backyard nest boxes. At night, their calls (a spooky trilling) can be heard. Each of the paintings depict a different colour ‘morph’ and feature the owls’ camouflage ability.   


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