Broad-Winged Hawk

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I'm very pleased to now be selling my father's mixed media wildlife / birds of prey paintings here on my shop! 

  • All paintings use a combination of traditional and digital techniques. The work begins with detailed drawings, in black or coloured graphite. Oil-painting washes are added before the image is scanned and completed with digital painting. All the prints on offer are somewhat smaller than the original works. 
  • Prices are for museum quality giclée prints on canvas with stretcher frames included. Prints on paper, and some smaller sizes are available upon request.
  • Shipped directly from printer.  For non-North American orders, prints cannot be shipped with stretcher frames. Please email to inquire.

Painting description:

Smaller, and less often seen than other Buteos, this bird is crow-sized, with a 30-40” wingspan. But like the larger Buteos, they soar high using thermals. Adults have dark brown backs, white bellies and chests with horizontal reddish brown or brown barring, but there is a dark morph that appears almost completely brown. On juvenile birds, however, the chest and belly barring is longitudinal. The short tail is dark grey-black with white lines along the middle, base, and tip. The painting is of another another resident of the artist’s property, though the Broad-Wings lived well-apart from the Red-Shouldered Hawks. The painting depicts a male with a Red Squirrel that were abundant on the property. 



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