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You receive ONE copy of YOUR WISE ANIMAL BODY, ONE copy of the accompanying prompt journal, as well as a copy of all of my ebooks: The Burnout Handbook, Tarot For New Seekers (Intro To Reading Tarot) and The Handbook For The Newly Diagnosed Neurodivergent, ONE copy of Celestial Bodies Astrology and Numerology Oracle Deck + Learning Tool (Altar size), ONE copy of the rare Sigil Oracle, ONE copy of Serpentfire Tarot 7th Edition, ONE copy of She Wolfe Tarot 4th edition, and ONE copy of I AM: Affirmation Deck For Babies and Toddlers.

ALL DECKS ARE SIGNED by Devany Wolfe, (((~candycane~))) the creator.

 Learn more about each product included in this package here:

SERPENTFIRE Tarot Final 7th Edition 

SHE WOLFE Tarot Deck 4th Edition  


I AM Affirmation Deck for Babies & Toddlers

Celestial Bodies Oracle Deck - Altar size

Your Wise Animal Body Oracle Deck + accompanying prompt journal

Handbook for the Lake Diagnosed Neurodivergent

The Burnout Handbook

Tarot for New Seekers

+ a special secret surprise!  

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