COVID-19 Announcements

COVID-19 is an ever-evolving situation that has impacted small businesses like ours significantly. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated while we navigate unprecedented situations. Please see below for specific updates.


Shipping by air costs have increased 1000x since the beginning of the pandemic, so we are unable to transport inventory by this method from our manufacturer. We now ship by sea, which is what most small businesses have been forced to do. Because of this, sea transport has become quite busy, and there are additional delays while the ships wait at port to be unloaded. 

The standard time for overseas shipping via cargo ship is now 45 days. Again, this does not count delays at port. 

Until air shipping costs have returned to a reasonable amount, we will have to continue with sea shipping. We are so grateful for your understanding. 

More updates as we have them.


Stay safe,