Zoom SOLD OUT ~ Looking In On Love Tarot Reading
Zoom SOLD OUT ~ Looking In On Love Tarot Reading

SOLD OUT ~ Looking In On Love Tarot Reading


Whether we are in a long-term relationship, or embarking upon one, there are often crucial questions we hold in our hearts about how to best navigate these life-altering connections. 

This reading is geared towards helping you understand where you and your current partner are, where you are headed, and what needs to be tended to. It is a beautiful in-depth look at the sacred space you both share.

In this PDF reading, you can expect: 

Card 1 - the current situation

Card 2 - what you are bringing to the table

Card 3 - what they are bringing to the table 

Card 4 - underlying issues that may need to be healed 

Card 5 - hopes and expectations 

Card 6 - how to integrate karma

Card 7 - guidance and potential outcome if inner work is done

Each description will be about a page in length, and will be something you will be able to refer back to time and again. 

It will also include photos of the tarot cards I worked with, for your visual reference. I will be using a combination of the major arcana from She Wolfe Tarot and Sigil Oracle. 

Lastly, by purchasing this reading you will also receive 40% OFF the purchase of any tarot or oracle deck on this shop!

To redeem, simply email us at serpentwolfe@gmail.com with your order number and we will send you a discount code.


Once you have purchased your reading, please email serpentwolfe@gmail.com with your question. The question can be about anything having to do with what your hopes / fears / current themes are. Some examples are:

a) I am feeling a call to change course in my life. How can I best do this? 

b) How can I work with the deeper existential fears that are arising right now?

I cannot / will not answer any "prediction" questions surrounding health, wealth, etc. 

Please allow up for 72 hours for return on the reading, as these are quite in-depth and I want to spend as much time as needed on them.

Love and wolves,


SOLD OUT ~ Looking In On Love Tarot Reading