The Burnout Handbook

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Burnout is an epidemic in our mid-pandemic world. Our nervous systems are only built to handle so much, and many of us have graduated from 'languishing' (the term that The New York Times used to describe the general state many people found themselves in during the beginning of the pandemic) to 'burnout' and it comes as no surprise.

This 41 page ebook is geared towards helping you understand what burnout is from an emotional and physical standpoint, what the nervous system is all about and how it works, and ways that you can accept / integrate / heal your burnout. It even comes with tarot / oracle reading spreads to help you gently peer in to body-mind and understand the messages that your burnout has for you. I've also included resources of folks I've learned from, though much of this has come from personal experience and research.

Please note: if you purchase Your Wise Animal Body Nervous System Oracle, this handbook will come for free. If you purchase it separately and then choose to buy YWAB, we will refund you the cost of the ebook. 

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