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This year is my 16th anniversary of my Kundalini awakening, and to celebrate, I've created an ebook! 

Although there are more legitimate resources out there today than there ever have been on the subject, it is still a mine field in terms of finding information that isn’t dogmatic, misleading, confusing, alienating or driven by capitalist greed. This is an at-a- glance book which gives you the basics on all things Kundalini - a guide that I wish I had when I went through this 16 years ago. Please bear in mind that although I went through a full-blown Kundalini awakening back then, and subsequently performed extensive, decade-long research into the phenomenon, I still do not call myself an ‘expert’ - I am simply someone who was unexpectedly thrust upon the path, who wants to help others navigate it. I hope this ebook helps you do just that.

This book is 70 pages and covers the topics of:

~ a brief history of the phenomenon of Kundalini

~ what is Kundalini’s purpose (if any)

~ the dangers of awakening this immensely powerful force

~ how it is triggered

~ the anatomy of the subtle body

~ my story

~ a compilation of other people’s stories - folks who submitted to be a part of this book

~ living with Kundalini and how to integrate it into your life

~ and The Guru Trap, where I discuss my own run-in with a corrupt predator under the guise of a Kundalini teacher, and how new age spirituality manipulates narratives around Kundalini in order for capitalist profit and egoic platforming. 

This is a digital product, which means you will receive a download link upon purchase. Thank you for supporting small business! 

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